Landscape of the farm

The territory of the aquaculture farm  „Akvilegija“ is surrounded by  or  neighbours an array of forests: Kėna in the Southwest, Medzhioklė (with swamps of Janulishkes and Vilnia) in the East, Adomachiai in the West extending to the bigger forest array of Mickunai with marsh Shakaliskes. The territory approaches some settlements Kena and Kalveliai in Southwest, villages Pabrazuole and Petrulishkes in the West and Northwest neighbouring small territories of agricultural land.

Open landscape formed by aquafarming ponds in the area of the past moor mostly prevails at the territory of the farm.The territory is made of mosaic of big forrests and plots of agricultural land edged  into them. Open space is fragmented by already formed abundant afforests of bushes and trees, islands of land overgrown with tall trees. Open spaces are the most valuable in terms of protection of the Natural World, especially formed around ponds.