Who are we?

In 1994, Akvilegija UAB was founded after the privatization of the state-owned Margie Fishery Farm. The company owns an area of 654.2 hectares of water, located in a particularly beautiful, picturesque area in Kalveliai, Vilnius district. The company's activities include fish breeding, rearing, stocking, fresh fish supply, amateur fishing, fishing equipment rental and recreational services.

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Akvilegija, UAB

Adress: Žaliašilis str. 70, Kalveliai village., Kalveliai municipality., Vilnius district.
E-mail: info@akvilegija.lt

Vytautas Jankus,
Tel. +370 620 92 000

Deputy director
Jolanta Taurienė
Tel. +370 696 40 400
E-mail: jolanta@akvilegija.lt


Tel. +370 620 65 878
E-mail: info@akvilegija.lt




For fish buying please contact us at tel. +370 696 40400.